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The Water Front

What's going On In The Boating World In And Around Oregon

New Oregon Boating Laws:
Mandatory Boat Inspection Begins in Oregon. Motorists hauling boats (including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and sailboats) in Oregon are now required to stop at boat inspection stations to have their watercraft inspected for aquatic invasive species. Failure to stop at an inspection station could result in a $142 fine.

Alcohol ban on Cottage Grove and Dorena Lakes and surrounding campgrounds. Alcohol Ban is in effect on Cottage Grove and Dorena lakes including Riverside Park, Schwarz Campground and Baker Bay Park.

Where to find Non-Blended Gas in Oregon. (PDF)

E15 requires extra vigilance by boaters and anglers.

This little label on a gas pump could be all that separates boaters from dangerously misfueling their boat. When E15 arrives at the pumps, boaters shouldn't even think about using it in a boat. Good explanation od E15 issues. (Trade Only Today)

Ethanol Is Here To Stay???
Boaters should be well aware that 10% ethanol is here. And 15% ethanol is coming at us fast. Here are some industry experts that say we need to accept that as our future. Boater comments are clear that it is damaging boat and small engines and the whole issue should be reevaluated. Trade Only Today

EPA Expands the E15 Rule (Trade Only Today) 15% ethanol has been approved for 2001-2006 vehicles despite serious concerns by the boating industry that there has been no action to ensure compatible fuels remain available for the nation's 13 million registered boat owners or the hundreds of millions of owners of gasoline-powered equipment. National Marine Manufacturers Association

Good News! Boating Safety is Improving. The NTSB updated their "Most Wanted List" by adding motorcycle safety and dropping recreational boating where it said substantial progress has been made. NTSB Most Wanted List Brochure (PDF)

Whitewater Rafters - Life Jackets Required On All Class III Rapids 1/1/2010 Starting Jan 1, 2010 life jackets are required on Class III rapids. See the Definitions of the various Classes and a listing of Rapid Class by River.

Port of Siuslaw in Florence wins BoatUS Access Award (BoatUS)
The Port of Siuslaw was one of 5 winners of the BoatUS National Boating Access Award began in 2007. The award highlights successes in protecting water access as boaters and communities were losing marina slips, service yards and boat launching areas. See the before and after pics!

It's a Car.. It's a Boat.. It's a Ca'-Boat (Soundings Online)
What do you get when you combine a Pontiac Sunbird convertible, a lobster boat and twin Yamaha 200 HP outboards? You get a Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association entry "sportser" that should be the envy of any lobsterman

Do environmentally safe suds really work? (BoatUS results) Choosing a "green cleaner" can be a challenge. Some green products actually clean better. Biodegradability is more important than its initial toxicity. How boat cleaners are used may be as important as selecting the right product. More on the BoatUS Findings on green cleaners.

E-10 (Ethanol) in Gasoline and Where to Find Non-Blended Gas
Since January 1, 2009, stations statewide have been required to sell only gas that contains 10 percent ethanol. For boaters ethonal raises some potentially serious problems: scouring fuels systems, clogging filters, breaks down fiberglass tanks and rapidly absorbs water from the atmosphere. There are ways to protect boats and owners from the hazards of ethonal.
- More Boating with ethonal)
- Where to find non-blended gas (by county - scroll to bottom)
- Mercury Mariner Service Bulletin
- BoatUS on E-10
- BoatUS Ethonal Facts & Tips

NEW! Washington Boating Web Portal that consolidates and simplifies access to a variety of information on boating services, rules and regulations, places to boat, fishing licenses, and boating news. was created based on a 2007 survey that showed that boaters desired a centralized web site for boating info.

Boating Safety Guide from BoatUS Foundation. 7 study guides including: Boat Mtce & Winterization; Boating Safety Equipment; Trip Planning and Prep; The Environment; Navigations & Rules of the Road; Emergency Prep and Boating Activities.

Sun Protection for Boaters. Are you covered? (Trailer Boats)
Boaters get the double whammy of UVA & UVB rays from overhead as well as reflected light.

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