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Campground Name Agency Area Water Toilets Showers Dump
Ainsworth State Park Oregon State Parks  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Barton Park County  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Beaver Landing County  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Boones Ferry Landing County  North Valley    Y    Y    N    Y  
Carver Ramp City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Cascades Gateway Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Cathedral Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Cedar Oak City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Champoeg State Heritage Area Oregon State Parks  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Clackamette Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Columbia View Park City  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Commodore's Cove Port Commission  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Cook Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Coon Island County  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Crown Point RV park Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    N  
Dabney State Recreation Area Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Dam Ramp Pacific Power  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Dayton Boat Ramp County  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Feldheimer Ramp County  North Valley    Y    Y    N    N  
Feyrer Park County  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Fir Grove RV and Trailer Park Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Gary & Flag Island Moorage Other  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Gilbert River Transient Tie-up County  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Glibert River Ramp County  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Henry Hagg Lake Ramp A County  North Valley    N    Y    N    Y  
Henry Hagg Lake- Ramp C County  North Valley    N    Y    N    Y  
Isberg RV Park Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    N  
Jantzen Beach RV Park Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Jefferson Street Boat Launch City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Kiwanis Marine Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Knights Bridge Oregon Fish & Wildlife  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
McIver (Milo) State Park Oregon State Parks  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Meadowbrook Bridge Oregon Fish & Wildlife  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Meldrum Bar Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Metzler Park County  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Mission Lake Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Molalla River State Park Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Mulkey RV Park Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    N  
North Sand Island City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
North Shore Pacific Power  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Oak Grove Boat Ramp City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Oxbow Park Other  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    N  
Portland Meadows RV Park Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Promontory Park Private  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Riverfront Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Riverside Park Ramp Water & Power Agency  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Riverview Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Rogers Landing County  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Rooster Rock State Park Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Salem Campground and RV's Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
San Salvador Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Sauvie Island Ramp Other  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Silver Falls State Park Oregon State Parks  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Silverton Reservoir City  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Sportcraft Landing City  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
St. Helens Courthouse Docks County  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Sturgeon Lake Oregon Fish & Wildlife  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Swan Island Boat Ramp City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Trailer Park of Portland Private  North Valley    Y    Y    Y    N  
Tualatin City Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Wagon Wheel County  North Valley    Y    Y    N    N  
Wallace Marine Park City  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  
Westport Ramp County  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Wheatland Ferry County  North Valley    N    N    N    N  
Willamette Mission State Park Oregon State Parks  North Valley    N    Y    N    N  

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