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Campground Name Agency Area Water Toilets Showers Dump
Antelope Flat Reservoir US Forest Service  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Brooke RV Court Private  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Brooke RV-West Private  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    N  
Clyde Holliday State Recreation Site Oregon State Parks  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Cold Springs Recreation Area US Corps of Engineers  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Dun-Rollin Trailer Park Private  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Fort Henrietta RV Park Private  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    N  
Hat Rock State Park Oregon State Parks  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Irrigon Marina Park Parks & Rec District  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Kimberly Private  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Magone Lake US Forest Service  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
McKay Ramp North Oregon Fish & Wildlife  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
McKay Ramp South Oregon Fish & Wildlife  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
McNary Dam US Corps of Engineers  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Nugent Park City  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Olive Lake US Forest Service  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Patterson Ferry Ramp US Corps of Engineers  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Penland Lake US Forest Service  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Service Creek Access US Bureau of Land Management  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Shady Rest Moble Home Park Private  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    Y  
Shadyview Mobile Home Park Private  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    Y    Y  
South Point US Fish & Wildlife  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Spray Oregon Fish & Wildlife  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Twickenham Oregon Fish & Wildlife  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Ukiah-Dale Forest State Scenic Corridor Oregon State Parks  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  
Walton Lake US Forest Service  Northeastern Oregon    Y    Y    N    N  
West Side Campground US Forest Service  Northeastern Oregon    N    N    N    N  
Willow Creek Lake Parks & Rec District  Northeastern Oregon    N    Y    N    N  

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